Orange Cap
Our Staff

Our employees range from successful career oriented individuals to educated young adults. Our screening process is like no other company’s.

The success of our company is contingent upon our employee’s integrity, honor, and trust. The professionalism and training of our staff is something we take very seriously. Our employees create the first and last impression of your event/business, which is critical to your success.

As we have found over the years, your success equals our success. We instill team unity, politeness, communication, proper appearance, and honesty in our staff.


Our Uniforms

Our standard issue uniforms have won many praises from our clients and the public.

  • Parking Managers ? Black embroidered shirt
  • Parking Attendants ? Blue embroidered shirt with white piping
  • Doormen - Black vests with white shirts and black neck ties
  • All platinum employees wear black pants and black shoes

Our parking attendants receive numerous compliments for their appearance, friendly service and professionalism. Let these compliments be a part of your establishment today.


Employment Opportunities